4-Way Reach Truck

Lift Height:

1 - 10 Metres


1,000 - 6,000 KG

  • Outdoor & indoor use regardless of the weather
  • All models include the latest specification Schabmuller A/C motor completed with a Zapi controller giving immediate on-demand power up to a maximum of 17.6KW (23.6HP)
  • Low deck heights so you can make the most of your vertical space
  • Incredible manoeuvrability and compactness

Sidetrackers Unique Totally Hydraulic Forklifts

The SB and SH series are seated, Multi-Directional Reach Trucks, with capacities from 1000kg to 6000kg. Due to their symmetrical dimensions, they combine the duties of both front and sideloaders, to give ideal handling when there is a mix of standard pallets and long lengths.

Capacities up to 6000kg

Exceptional 3 wheeled automatic steering capabilities which means travelling in any 360 degree direction is possible from a stand still



Narrowest aisle in the market due to battery not being placed between the mast and the operator


Available with a complete choice of deck depths and lift heights
Combined front and sideloaders providing exceptional versatility suitable for long load and
pallet handling




Ideal for tool handling and special applications in confined areas




The hydrostatic drive contends with standard outside trucking conditions in the wet or dry




Seated multi-directional trucks able to rotate about their centre in either direction, minimising end-of-aisle and overall space needs

Unrivalled reliability & running costs due to rugged and simplistic design




A highly experienced team can guide you through all possible solutions to your material handling problems. We are able to to meet the narrowest aisle and lowest deck heights in that market so you can be certain your resources are be capitalised to the maximum.