We aim to provide the most appropriate materials handling solutions in every application with the continued development of advanced features and capabilities. Your needs fuel our development programme to provide you with the very best down to earth and practical answers without a high cost and unnecessary complications favoured by other companies. Our main objective is to continue to produce the very best solutions to support and maintain your competitive advantage. In addition we will assist in the important decisions enabling you to obtain the best value for money through cost, time and space savings.

Our Specialist Abilities

    1. Handling long and awkward loads efficiently and safely.
    2. Making more effective use of your available space.
    3. Speeding up operations and dramatically reduce materials handling time.
    4. Creating innovative accessories & products specific to your needs.
    5. Doing all this having low running costs and exceptional reliability.

We can manufacture a Multi-Directional Lift Truck with these capabilities from our stable of unique thoroughbreds. With over 50 years of experience we qualify as specialists in the design and manufacture of Multi-Directional Lift Trucks offering the leading edge of material handling solutions.


Every dimension is carefully chosen for you!

We never manufacture a standard truck so your new Sidetracker forklift is a bespoke design for your aisle, load, racking and terrain. This perfect fit makes your operation more efficient, safe and effective.

Where trucks aren't the best solution, we offer many other material handling solutions such as Special Powered Pallet Trolleys, Electric PlatformsPallet De-Toppers. All of these born through our customers needs.