Aluminium Extrusions

Sidetracker multi directional lift trucks are ideal for handling aluminium extrusions. Sidetracker’s expertise results in highly efficient aluminium extrusion storage systems with aisles from 1500mm. One Sidetracker carries out the work of 2 trucks carrying aluminium extrusions in confined spaces.



Two Trucks In One


Handling extrusions up to 15 metres long on a restricted site is a classic situation for a Sidetracker. In addition to handling the extrusions within a narrow aisle warehouse, the truck carries in-coming loads from the outdoor delivery area and up an access road to the storage area, taking on the work of a conventional lift truck.


The electro-hydraulic system used on the Sidetracker is unaffected by wet weather and rough ground, unlike trucks with electronics-based drive systems. The 250mm diameter wheels give excellent grip and twin transmissions traction on rough surfaces in the outdoor yard, and the truck also has an all-weather cab.


Extrusions for the masts are stored on cantilever racking 8.5 metres high. In order to reach this height and also allow access through the 4.3 metre high warehouse doors, the truck has been fitted with a special triplex mast. Low deck height allows full use of the racking right down to floor level.


The width of the warehouse aisles is just 1600mm enabling the maximum number of racks to be installed, in conjunction with rail guidance. To protect the expensive extrusions from damage, Sidetracker has supplied special polyurethane- coated forks.