Awkward Loads

Case Study – Colorminuim

A new Sidetracker muilti-directional reach truck has been manufactured for aluminium curtain wall supplier Colorminium. The truck successfully handles five different types of load including:


- Six metre long stillages - Steel box pallets
- Timber pallets
- Steel waste bins
- ‘A’ frame glass carriers


The Sidetracker SB Series machine was specified to perform all these material handling tasks, following a site analysis of the operation and the challenges involved. Special external forklift dimensions were needed to allow the truck to fit through a doorway of 2550 x 1680mm whilst carrying a steel bin.

Color 19

Powered extending forks provide the safe handling needed to lift the glass carriers along their length of 2100mm, whilst also keeping fork length to a minimum.


Power fork spread allows the spread of the forks to be automatically varied to allow
the safe handling of pallets, box pallets and stillages of various dimensions, which need to be lifted to a height of six metres.


The truck also has to load and unload delivery vehicles.


In essence the Sidetracker at this site performs the tasks of several forklift trucks since it is the only one there and has to cope with all the materials handling requirements on site, in a compact and busy building.

Color 23


Case Study – Roll Storage & Handling

A highly manoeuvrable Sidetracker multi-directional reach truck handles 3.5 metre long rolls of polythene which is stored in cantilever racking to a height of 5.5 metres dramatically increasing storage capacity and reducing product damage.


The rolls are handled by pickup arms which locate onto the core tube at the ends the rack arms in turn also have special sockets for the tube to locate. This arrangement eliminates any contact with the product so there is no risk of damage or contamination.


The Sidetracker’s compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability are essential criteria for transporting the rolls from the stores through the production area to the processing machinery where turning areas and aisle widths have been kept to a minimum.


Case Study – Packing Crates

To increase storage capacity a Sidetracker multi directional reach truck with an 8.1 metre lift was supplied to handle 2.6 metre deep x 1.9 metre wide packing cases 4 high.The aisle was reduced from 7 metre to 4.3 metres allowing an extra row of storage and still enough for the truck with load to rotate 360 degrees.