Customised Solutions

At Sidetracker we are experts at finding a solution to your material handling problem. We will design and manufacture an entirely bespoke machine for you and your application.

We are a full engineering company with the capabilities to design & produce any type of forklift truck, powered pallet trucks, bespoke solutions and adapt them to meet your requirements.

  1. Custom made specially to fit your application
  2. Unique designed machines not available in the market
  3. Design & manufacture ability to produce any type of Forklift Truck
  4. Any type of accessory
  5. Choice of tyres including rubber profiled
  6. Choice of colour

Our customer needed to transport 2,000KG of brass bars round their factory complex to feed their production machinery. The machine we designed and producedĀ for them needed to navigate tough terrain and narrow doorways.

Health and safety and productivity were the main priorities for the machine. This was accomplished and two machines commission on the site.