Metal Stockholding

Long gone are the days of complete bundle minimum orders and sometime next week deliveries. Customers now expect next day deliveries of any quantity and mix. To achieve these expectations more and more stock holders are turning to Sidetracker for the solution.

  1. Stock retrieval times reduced from 40 man minutes to 1 minute
  2. Reduced picking times enabled another customer to extend same day despatch to 4.00pm
  3. Reduced stocktaking from 3 days to 1/2 a day

Case Study – Multi-Direction Lift Truck Maximises Storage Capacity and Eliminates Crane Handling for Steel Stock

Seeking to maximise storage in a new warehouse and increase product handling efficiency, a national steel stockholder has opted for a Sidetracker multi-direction reach truck operating with a narrow-aisle cantilever racking system.


The truck has been designed to enable it to perform virtually all materials handling functions inside and outside the warehouse single- handed, which has improved both speed and safety compared with conventional procedures when a crane is used. Loads do not have to be slung or double-handled, reducing labour requirements and the risk of injury.


To enable the Sidetracker to perform the different functions, it has been fitted with two pairs of forks, one pair 800mm long and the other pair 1300mm, which can be pivoted away to suit the work in hand. The shorter forks carry loads in the 1700mm wide racking aisles, with the longer pair rotated vertically out of the way. For loading and unloading delivery vehicles the longer forks, which can reach the centre of a lorry trailer, are rotated to the horizontal position.

Case Study – Long Term Steel Handling

Steel stockholding is one of the most demanding applications, therefore lift trucks need to be strong, rugged, reliable and all these features are integral to a Sidetracker as its exceptional manoeuvrability and space-saving abilities.


The fact that Sidetrackers provide reliable operation year after year in demanding working conditions, indoors and out demonstrates their quality. Our three-year warranty option underlines our own confidence in the vehicles. Many Sidetrackers are used for more than 20 years with no attention other than routine servicing. Unusually for fork lift trucks, most Sidetracker customers buy their vehicles outright, because they have such confidence in their long-term reliability.


Quality is built into the vehicles from the bottom up. For example, high- grade 50mm steel is used for the main chassis sections. Repairing a fatigue fracture on a Sidetracker chassis is simply unknown. 

An integral weighing system allows supplies to be unloaded weighed
to within 3 kg and stored in a single operation with a single operator. Likewise materials to be despatched are handled with the same degree of efficiency.


Polyurethane coated forks and load decks protect product from damage and contamination during handling.


The electro-hydraulic twin power system is also extremely strong and reliable. It is designed so that the two motors automatically run together or singly, depending on the power required. A Sidetracker can be driven on one motor if the other ever fails, without a fall in capacity.


When reliability is so important, well-proven technology is the best option. Customers particularly welcome the absence of electronic components, which on other lift trucks have proved so unreliable and expensive.