PVCU Extrusions & Profiles

Sidetracker multi directional lift trucks are ideal for PVCU profile and stillage handling. Whatever the length of load a Sidetracker can operate in an aisle as narrow as 1500mm. Sidetracker’s can operate inside and outside in the minimum aisles keeping costs to a minimum.

Case Study – PVC Extrusion Handling

As a supplier of plastic extrusions to window fabricators throughout the UK, this national company requires complete reliability from its materials handling equipment in order to maintain deliveries to customers at all times.


High standards of service are essential if customers are to be retained within this competitive industry, and the unreliability of previous lift trucks had caused problems in this respect. The cost of maintenance and repairs had also become unacceptable. Impressed by the performance of Sidetrackers in the steel industry, they chose an SL25C model with an extended warranty and service contract from Sidetracker.


As the plastic extrusions are generally six metres long, a Sidetracker four-way sideloader was essential to reduce aisle widths and turning areas and allow as much space as possible for storage. Aisles are generally just 1.8 metres wide.


The manoeuvrability of the Sidetracker is also invaluable for negotiating the tight corners and obstructions within the warehouse, with its twin axle steering the truck is able to rotate on its own centre.

Case Study – PVCU Extrusion Picking

A special fork-mounted platform is used to speed PVCU extrusion picking operations.


The equipment was supplied by Sidetracker for use with its multi-direction sideloaders to improve materials handling performance. It enables staff to reach PVCU extrusions stored at the end of racking and avoids the need to lower every pack to the ground to extract individual items.


The cage is big enough to accommodate an operator and the longest extrusions and also incorporates a roller which reduces the effort involved in pulling items from the racking therefore only one person is needed on the platform. The platform was designed to either pick directly into a stillage or into pockets to allow picking to take place in the guided racking aisles up to 9 metres high.