Design & Manufacture Quality

Reliability, capability and safety have always been at the forefront of our design and development ever since our start in 1963. We continuously develop and improve our products with these three factors in mind to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime. 

Sidetracker has held ISO 9001 certification for over 20 years.


A 50mm thick solid steel chassis, giving enormous strength with a low centre of gravity.



Manufactured to any lift height in single, duplex, triple or quadruple designs and in special configurations.



Can be supplied to any length, mounted in pairs or in multiple combinations with any spread width. Where diverse loads are handled, efficiency has improved with a powered fork spread allowing the operator to adjust the fork position to the optimum width at any lift height without leaving the cab.

They are designed to tilt whilst keeping the mast vertical, this minimises deration whilst retaining close proximity of the mast to the stock.


Stability Indicator

The combined effect of load weight and load centre is shown on a zone coloured indicator in reference to the trucks maximum safe capacity in the direction of the forks.


Power System

The latest specification of Schabmuller A/C motor is used complete with a Zapi controller giving immediate on-demand power up to a maximum of 17.6 kw (23.6HP). This achieves simplicity and reliability with digital diagnostics for truck servicing or repair.


All this results in very low running costs and exceptional reliability.



Very powerful and robust hydrostatic units directly coupled to the wheels so that there is no gear box to go wrong or diminish performance. Speed and tractive effort can be varied to suit installation requirements.


Two Braking Systems

The hydrostatic transmission provides very efficient reverse power braking and is supplemented by an equally effective, independent and self adjusting hydraulic disc brake system.


Power Steering

Power assisted steering incorporating all the latest overload protection and kickback features giving light and synchronised steering in all situations.