Emergency Repair 

We understand that when your machine is down its costing you money so minimising your downtime is paramount to our service and support team.

The Sidetracker service team enjoys a first fix rate of over 98%, with over 94% of breakdowns fixed within 4 hours of arrival on-site.

Case Study: Stemcor

Stemcor accidentally dropped 1.3 tonnes of steel stock onto their Sidetracker from their cranes, which hit the two load bearing decks forcing them to floor level and splintering the front castor wheels. We were we contacted at 9:30 and arrived on site at 10:55 a.m. and the Sidetracker was up and running again by 2p.m.


This included replacing the front castor wheels, checking and adjusting the reach carriage, refitting the top covers and resetting the four way switches.  Suffice to say Stemcor made it very clear how impressed they were.






Case Study: Abram Pulman

Abram Pulman suffered a devastating flood in 2016 with water levels in their works above head height. As well as inundating the works the Sidetracker trucks on-site were also submerged.


One was running again on the first day of attendance, with all four up and running by the third day of attendance. As well as being a testament to our service engineers, it reflected the strength and simplicity of Sidetracker trucks, the lack of electronics helping towards a fast fix.