Rolls & Reels

Sidetracker multi directional lift trucks are able to handle loads in the most efficient way possible whilst maintaining the trucks versatility to handle palletised and long loads. Standard attachments can be fitted.


With a clamp attachment Sidetracker can double paper roll storage capacity. Sidetracker’s can handle Cylinders and Stillages with the same truck without risk of product damage due to the specially designed fork carriage.

Case Study – Paper Reel Handling

Specialist board merchant Hedsorboard would have to double the size of its warehouse in north Kent if conventional counterbalanced lift trucks were used instead of its two Sidetrackers, according to operations manager Bill Harris.


Choosing the two multi-direction Sidetracker lift trucks to handle the paper reels has allowed narrow aisles and minimum turning areas to be provided within the 20,000 sq ft building, maximising storage capacity.


Both trucks are fitted with paper clamps which can handle reels from 250mm to 1500mm diameter.

Fully retractable masts enable the reels to be carried within the overall dimensions of the trucks which can stack to over 8 metres high.


This design, in conjunction with a rail guidance system, has allowed the aisles to be only 2400mm wide and has also minimised product damage.


Twin axle steering enables the trucks to rotate about their own centres, which minimises turning areas at the end of each aisle. The forward facing seat at one end, allows drivers to get on and off within the aisles.

Case Study – Cylinder and Stillage Handling

Sidetracker multi-direction reach trucks are providing exceptionally versatile handling solutions for one of the UK’s leading gravure printers.


Not only have the trucks solved the problem of carrying long printing cylinders in confined spaces, they are also used to carry stillages around the company’s works.


Polestar Varnicoat ordered specially designed Sidetrackers to carry the cylinders between the etching department and a new gravure press, one of the biggest in Europe. The print works, are extensive, and the route involves narrow corridors and openings which the cylinders could not pass through on a conventional lift truck. To allow for low doorways, mast closed height is only 2.2 metres.

To enable the trucks to carry the delicate print cylinders and also handle stillages, custom-built fork carriages, 4220mm long, have been fitted which incorporate pick-up arms for the cylinders and conventional forks for stillages.


When print cylinders are being carried, the forks are pivotted out of the way in the vertical position. To carry stillages, the forks are pivotted to the horizontal position and the pick-up arms rotated so they are parallel to the fork carriage and clear of the load. The pick-up arms have powered spread adjustment to ensure the various lengths of cylinder are lifted correctly.


The Sidetrackers’ steering system enables them to turn within their own diameter and travel in any direction, giving a high degree of manoeuvrability in confined spaces.