Pallet Leveller

Standard Model from £1950

Customised tables are available

The Pallet Leveller is designed to automatically maintain the top of the pallets load at a comfortable safe working height. This will aid to reduce injury associated with loading and unloading pallets at floor level whilst also improving the operative’s productivity.


- Self-levelling lift table which automatically positions a load at a safe working height when loading and unloading


Spring combinations can be changed easily to suit up to 2000kg capacity load profiles


Bespoke springs can be calibrated to your specific load parameters


Working height breakdowns available for your specific loads, so you know exactly the heights your operatives will be working at


Able to control the lightest and heaviest loads on the market


- Tailored to your load whether it's concrete or light products


Easy spring changes


This Scissor Lift requires no power source


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Health & Safety

The pallet leveller complies with the HSE guidelines, and prevents the risk of injury to operatives.


Multiple Load Types

The Sidetracker registered 2016 design
can be manufactured to meet the bespoke requirements of the customer. A set of springs will be provided to accommodate for a range of loads up to 2000kg. Springs can also be calibrated to the customer’s specific load parameters as required.


Build Quality

No power source is required to operate this product. All our products are manufactured at our UK based factory and we provide an excellent after sales service to all of our customers.


Rotary Lift Table

Full 360 degrees rotation for easy access to loads. Light weight table can be removed to access springs.