Timber Handling

Sidetracker’s can operate inside or out with various tyre options to suit the conditions.
Sidetracker multi directional lift trucks can operate in aisles from 2.1 metres with a 1200 deep pack.

Case Study - British Hardwoods


    1. Inside & outside operation
    2. Operates in all weather conditions
    3. Unaffected by drain gullies


A factory re-built Sidetracker was specified for a stockist of high value timber, who needed a machine to operate inside and outside and remain unaffected by their drain gullies. The customer advised the existing German machine would not operate outside whereas the driver training in the new machine was conducted in the snow. The Sidetracker has an articulating chassis to ensure all 4 wheels are on the ground giving full traction when traversing slopes and gullies.


The Sidetracker handles bundles of hardwood within the existing racking layout as well as loading and unloading delivery vehicles outside, in any weather. Excellent close confine visibility is needed and provided with this type of operation to avoid damage to the high value stock. Hydraulic controls give the operator complete control over the truck, allowing any speed to required, including just a few centimetres.


A 4 visit per annum service contract by Sidetracker has been put in place to ensure the truck gives excellent service at all times.


British Hardwoods liked it that much we featured in their blog.

Case Study – Handling Timber Inside and Out


A national timber engineering company has taken delivery of a Sidetracker multi-direction lift truck in preference to a diesel sideloader to handle specialised sections 15 metres long within restricted storage areas at its main depot. The company recently added MacMillan trussed joist I-beams (TJIs) to its product range. These sections are delivered in three-tonne packs from the USA and cut to length.


The Sidetracker is used to carry the TJIs between a storage area, internal racking and a cutting table. The four-wheel twin transmission design provides good stability and traction in all conditions. It also enables the truck to turn a full circle on its own centre and travel in any direction, greatly reducing the space needed for handling and storage. Minimum aisle width is 2.3 metres.



The storage capacity of vertical racking in the internal store is maximised by the low load deck just 356mm (14 inches) from the floor. The battery-powered Sidetracker has health and safety benefits in the internal storage and cutting area as it does not produce fumes.


Also, as the truck does not have electronic components, it operates reliably in bad weather in the outside yard.

Wide fork spread provides a high degree of stability for the long loads. Hydraulic control of the fork positioner makes spread adjustment quick and easy.